Extend Your Outdoor Living into the Winter Season

Expanding Your Outdoor Living Spaces To Enjoy In Winter

Many Americans are worn out by the neverending pandemic, especially as the days of distanced get-togethers in the warmth of sunlight are dwindling for outdoor living. For the last six months, outside living — and entertaining — have been a lifeline of sorts, offering some small semblance of normalcy as the coronavirus proceeds to upend our lives.

September’s sudden cold snap had children taking out sweatshirts so that they could continue studying on the balcony. Invites for garden meetups turned BYOB (Bring Your Blanket), and steaming soup mugs replaced cold IPAs. Firewood and fire pits are hot items as we search for ways to create warmer patios and decks on cooler nights.…

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Sustainable Interior

Sustainable Interior Design Is A Hot New Market!

Sustainability Is Hot

Like other design fields, the interior layout is inextricably tied to changing styles–what’s hot and not.  Whether the Ultimate Sustainable Interior design goal is renovation, decoration, or architectural detailing, all interior designers must remain abreast of current trends.

In the design business, the fastest-growing segment is incorporating sustainable or “green” interior design. From using rainwater collection to supplement wastewater requirements to using sustainable materials like bamboo, innovation is high for designing a sustainable area.…

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Spring Cleaning

Start Spring Cleaning Room By Room During The Coronavirus

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to keep your house clean.  With many American people now working from home or still under obligatory stay-at-home orders, anybody with a non-essential job has abruptly found themselves with a great deal of extra spare time. Between social distancing and this, there isn’t a better time to make the most of the situation and start some house projects like spring cleaning.

After all, while it’s hard not to feel ultimately defeated by stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, it’s good to remember our homes are the one thing we do have control over. While spring cleaning is an annoying task under any circumstances, it’s far less complicated if a specific plan of action is implemented.…

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Designing bedroom

Designing The Best Functional And Beautiful Bedroom

Have you ever been in a room that just feels right? Most of the time, it is because it has a simple design that works well. But creating a simple layout is more difficult than it seems — especially in designing a bedroom.

Why? As every bedroom certainly has to have a bed in it. And beds are big and bulky and influence the placement of every other object in the room. But if you’re fortunate enough to be designing a new bedroom or renovating an existing one, you can control the different components and create an area that is both functional and pretty.

Even if you don’t have a great view, access to the outside, or a good deal of space to work together, the principles they represent and the integrity they show can inspire your own bedroom design project.…

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bathroom remodeling job

What’s New This Year For Remodeling Your Bathroom

You heard it new trends are finally here! Get the inside scoop on the most current styles in the business and find some inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling job! From showers and bathtubs to vanities and sinks, we have you covered. The most recent textures, patterns, prints, finishes, and styles of all types are here for the next year.

This round-up comprises the hottest designs that could give you the ideal sort of inspiration you did not even know you wanted. Whether you’re constructing a new home or doing a renovation, the listing is guaranteed to spark remarkable creativity. From chic and contemporary to industrial and classic, whatever your own personal style might be, this is the year for a bathroom remodeling.…

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Use the Best Bathroom Faucets In Your Remodel Project

We must all agree that taps are among the most used fixtures in our houses, we likely turn them off and on countless times in a day. However only when they need a replacement or if we are thinking to update our bathroom or toilet areas, do we really begin to understand how significant they are. To some, it’s only a fixture which allows water to flow with a simple push or a turn, but for many other people, it plays a central role in the aesthetics of the sink area.

You’ll receive taps of all models with costs changing tremendously yet what makes a faucet different from the other you may ask? Well, in this guide we’ll go over the critical points to take into account while deciding on the best one for your toilet.…

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outdoor decorating ideas

Outdoor Patio Decorating Ideas For Fall

Fall season consists of special holidays like Halloween at the end of October. Thanksgiving holiday follows on November 22 and then we all switch over to the Christmas season. Fall is also a special season that marks a transition from Summer to different types of vegetation for your outdoor patio decorating ideas.

In America, holidays in fall are unique since they give people the opportunity to celebrate with their relatives in different forms. If you are planning to host guests at your home during the fall, it is important to decorate it so that it looks attractive. The outdoor patio, in particular, is the center of attraction since it is the venue for different occasions at home.

The entrance to your house also reveals a lot about your personality and readiness to host a function.…

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Green/Sustainable Design

Setting Up Solar Power Systems At Your Home

 Incorporate Solar Power Generators With Your Green/Sustainable Design

Are you living off the grid or having regular power interruptions from your municipal utility company?

If your answer is, YES, then you may want to consider installing solar panels and/or using a backup solar generator in your home. (NOTE: SolarGenerator.guide provides excellent buying guides and reviews of the leading solar generators and solar panel systems available, today. They also explain how to size a solar generator for your home properly.)

Solar power comes with a lot of benefits, in fact, it is the most popular form of renewable energy in use today. Advances in solar energy over the years has seen a tremendous improvement in off-grid living. It is now much cheaper and more efficient to live off the grid than ever before.

In the early years, you had to be content with buying new big batteries or using rechargeable ones that had to be charged at a nearby battery charging station.…

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Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Battle of the Robot Floor Cleaners: bObi vs. Roomba

Robotic vacuum cleaners or robot floor cleaners are a must-have item in many homes. Lower costs and greater choice mean that many homeowners can afford one of these helpers. There is a wide range of vacuum models for different needs, budgets and tastes, which means a higher chance of finding the perfect bot for the job.

Roomba is a name now synonymous with robot floor cleaners and has long been the top model for many homes. Other brands are catching up. This guide will compare the consumer-favorite Roomba 980 with the bObi Bobsweep. And according to RobotsInMyHome.com, the differences between the bObi and Roomba are great. Is Roomba still miles ahead of the competition regarding tech and performance? Or, does bObi offer a comparable experience at a better price?…

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Portable Air Conditioners

How To Cool An Add-On Room Without Upgrading Your Central AC

Regardless of the reason you might choose to extend your home, the next step is often to decide on an appropriate cooling solution for the new space.

While extending, redoing or upgrading the existing central air conditioning system is an option, it is an expensive and complex job. A much simpler and cheaper option is to buy a portable air conditioner.

According to “Best Portable Air Conditioners: The Ultimate Buying Guide“, by CoolAndPortable.com, portable air conditioners are not only more affordable, they offer many other advantages for homeowners who’ve just added on to their home.

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Outdoor Living Space

Decorating Outdoor Living Spaces For The Summer Season

With the warm weather kicking in, there is nothing as relaxing or as enjoyable as spending time outside. Indeed, spending time outside comes with its benefits including creating memorable experiences and happier lives.

Interestingly, many people hardly spend any time in their outdoor spaces such as porches and patios. According to experts, this is down to technologies such as smartphones, video games, and television among others.

It is no surprise that many people invest a lot of energy in decorating, arranging, and remodeling the interiors of their homes. However, given the fact that the warm weather calls for spending more time outdoors than indoors, it only makes sense to invest as much energy and time decorating and designing outdoor living spaces.…

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Mordren Bathroom Design

Have A Look At Some Of The Modern Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is the smallest room in your house that should not be neglected when considering your interior décor. After all, it is where you visit every day to either have a bath or for applying your makeup. With this in mind, your bathroom decorating ideas should create a simple and a clean feeling. To achieve the best results in your design, you need to put some consideration on a few things. Ensure you utilize geometric shapes and patterns, minimum colors, and maintaining clean lines. With a little effort, you can convert your bathroom into a clean and comfortable sanctuary.

Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Designs Furniture

When designing your bathroom to give it that modern look you so much desire, the furniture is the great place to start with. Create a focal point in your bathroom by using bathroom vanities and sink consoles.…

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Green/Sustainable Design Leed Cycle

LEED Ratings For Neighborhood Development


Rapid increase in the population of USA leads to exponential land consumption. This growth continues and in fact it is estimated that currently, the population growth rate is three times. The way we build and utilize land will have a profound impact on both the earth and its ecosystem.

Over the past 50 years, segregated land use accessed by motorways led to the massive use of vehicles as a means of transport. This contributes significantly to greenhouse emissions and specifically a larger percentage of this was attributes to individual cars.

Furthermore, automobile-oriented neighborhoods tend to be hostile to pedestrians and does not support traditional mixed-use neighborhood Centers. Unorganized sprawling neighborhoods also affected the natural habitat, endangered sensitive land and water sources as well as overwhelming municipal infrastructure.

Leadership In Energy And Environmental And Design (LEED) Program

 Green/Sustainable Design

The U.S.…

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Foam Mattress For Bedroom Design

Best Memory Foam Mattresses Of 2016

Best Bedroom Design Mattress

There is nothing as precious as having a comfortable night’s sleep. The way you spend your night will affect how you will wake up to embrace each new day. That will only happen when you have a comfortable mattress to sleep on. Memory foam mattresses are the best choice to go for; they are designed using viscoelastic foam.

The top most layer of this beds is made of a unique material that molds to your body shape in response to heat and pressure. It is suitable for relieving pressure and painful joints promoting healthy uninterrupted sleep.

There are several factors to consider before walking into a mattresses store to purchase your best memory foam mattresses. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these factors including, type of memory foam, size, and density.…

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Green Sustainable Design

Here Are Some Approaches To Achieve Energy Efficient Homes

Green Sustainable Design For Energy Efficient Homes

Energy-efficient homes combine a state-of-the-art construction, appliances, and lighting that focuses more on alternative energy utilization and saves you money.

If you are planning to build yourself a new energy-efficient house or you need to remodel the existing one, optimizing your house efficiency requires a whole house evaluation.

Some of the whole house approach consideration to achieve maximum energy efficiency involves the following:

Water Heating

Green Sustainable Design Water Heater

A solar heater is a method of using solar energy from the sun to heat water for use in your household. The system comprises a storage tank and solar collectors for trapping the heat energy from the sun. Since it utilizes a free source of energy that is also renewable, it saves you a lot of money on your water heating bills.

Windows, Doors And Skylights

Green Sustainable Design Windows

When designing your new home and adhering to energy efficiency designs, choose energy efficient windows and doors.…

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