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10 Best Living Room Design Ideas For 2016


The living room(Living Space) is the most often used space in our home. Apart from being used as a place to entertain guests, it can also be used for watching a movie, or just relaxing while reading a novel.

Due to its multifunctional purposes and being central to the daily functions of the family, it deserves a design that is beautiful, functional and inviting to all. Modern living rooms embrace the latest design ideas to create a beautiful space to enjoy conversations with friends and family. Here are ten best living room design ideas for 2016.

Modern Miami

Living Space

For the Miami aesthetic, the monochromatic creamy and sandy color scheme used all over the room brings about brightness. Besides creating an illusion of extra space, it is also dazzling and sets the tone in this living room. The use of large windows and glass door allows in more natural light and ambiance.

The marble table that makes the centerpiece has shades of light blue that emulates the color of the sea. A pair of accent chairs is another great addition that compliments the table and enhances a subtle sense of symmetry which is pleasing to the eyes.

To destruct the eye from the plain white walls, mount symmetrically placed colorful square frames. Choose bright colors such as pleasing hues of green and blue blended with white to bring about the theme of Miami city.

Stately Elegance With A View

Elegance Living Room Stately elegance with a view is one of the classic examples of modern living rooms or living space. The large glass doors and windows provide a vantage view of the outside. It creates a feel of outdoor while you are inside.

The open design helps to bring in natural light and hence to improve to light up the dark shades of the wall. The use of wide couches with button tufting on the seat brings a bold modern style into this living room.

The light colors used for the coaches also help to draw the eye away from the darker wall colors. The standard fireplace brings functionality as well as creating a sense of luxury. Other Accessories include a stately elegant lighting fixture and recessed lighting to create ambiance.

Americana Lodge Living Room Layout

Living Space For Americana Lodge

The Americana living room design combines a traditional country living with a modern blend. One side of the wall takes as back in time to a different era with its rustic feel. The uses of natural elements such as stone walls, exposed roof beams, and the natural flooring is amazing.

This feel is then offset with classic furniture pieces that give it a modern look. The lighting pattern used is also excellent, apart from relying on the windows a portion of the roof is also transparent. Also, the white color scheme used on the other walls that draw in more light and making the room look larger.

Vintage 3D Living Room Design

Vintage 3D Living Space

Vintage is the new modern design trend to break the monotony of a traditional living room. The most focal element in this design is the unique 3D wall that has a bold green color. The antique-styled wall storage above the 3d design has an elegant and a rustic feel which gives this room a sense of style.

The use of white furniture helps to destruct the eyes from the focal point. To complement the natural white color a patch of blue on the table as well as on the pillows is used. That is a perfect space for a bachelor pad because it’s trendy and has a sense of personality to it.

Off White Oasis Interior Décor

Off White Oasis Living Space

This design mixes a blend of both white and off-white colors working very efficiently to make this living room feel breezy and big. Although it may seem a one color tone at the fast glance, the different shades of white and off-white will keep the eye busy.

The white tone on the picture frame works well as a backdrop for the piece of art. The sizable windows allow in natural light and hence making the walls appear lighter than they are.

The Manor Living Room Design Idea

Manor Living Space DesignThe manor living room design contains decoration vibes that are elegant, traditional, and always impeccable. This design moves away from the norm and introduces natural stone walls with the wooden ceiling that has exposed beams.

This gives it a natural and rustic look that is so appealing to the eyes. The cushy sofa with a mix of pillows with different colors looks elegant, luxurious and portrays a gracious living. Instead of the square topped doors and windows, an arched design is used providing graceful and stately curves.

Nordic Comfort Living Room Idea

Nordic Living Space This modern living rooms design applies a Scandinavian aesthetic to create a humble abode. The wall color is plain white with a room divider with a reflective glass material.

A stainless steel material is regularly used for the door to give it a thoughtful look. Use of color for both the furniture and the focal point helps to draw the eye away from the bright walls. It has a minimal, simple and functional feel.

Cool Blue Living Room Décor Idea

Blue Color Living SpaceUsing a cool blue for your living room décor is a great idea for an open concept living room. Personalize your space by adding your inspiration to the décor you so much love. Update the seaside look by bringing a modern day coastal feel right to your living room. The artwork depicting different shades of blue evokes a contemporary and calming interior. The simple accessory such as the knit designs on the stools and the floor makes it unique and comfortable.

Beachfront Living Area

Best Living SpaceTo create a feeling of a beach house, the best design ideas should inspire with white walls, and shades of blue for décor. The interior details and design of this beachfront living area tell an enchanting tale of beach life.

This design incorporates both white and off-white colors for the walls and accessories. A blue and white stripped flooring carpet and the fabrics used for the furniture gives this space a classic look.

Classically Green

Green Living SpaceThis design idea uses a splash of green on your furniture as well as décor. For brightness and warmth, use white color schemes for your walls. Use a green matching color scheme for your fabrics and accessories for cohesion. To soften the look, use bright colors for your curtains.

You can also embrace a symmetrical design by pairing your accessories. A piece of art that is very catchy would be a good idea to mount on the wall; this will serve as the focal point.


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