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Buying Guide For Modern Outdoor Furniture

The idea of turning your outdoor space into usable living space can be stylish and comfortable just like any other room inside. It is certainly a less expensive option to consider than having to build a new place altogether. All you need is to invest in modern outdoor furniture that suits your taste and personality.

Blending your living with a bit of nature has a ‘green’ appeal. There is a myriad of outdoor furniture designs in the market to choose from. With the right choice of furniture, you can give your garden or poolside a stylish elegant look no matter what time of the year. In this article, we explore an outdoor furniture buying guide with a modern look.

Outdoor Space Planning Tips

Size And Space

Before you set out to buy a new piece of outdoor furniture, it is important to consider your taste and the size of your outdoor space. Your outdoor space, shape, and layout will play an important role in determining the type of outdoor furniture you will need. Evaluate how you want to use your furniture and how much you would spend maintaining them.

If you are concerned with your small outdoor space, the use of folding chairs and extending tables is a good idea. These pieces of modern outdoor furniture are excellent and versatile as they can easily be folded and stashed away when not needed. They are also ideal for offering extra seating space when you receive unexpected guests.


Durability and elegance should be a priority when choosing the appropriate furniture for your outdoor space. Gone are the days when only wood was the same material used for garden furniture.

New modern outdoor furniture embraces the use of other various materials such as metal and plastic. Each of these materials has its advantages depending on your suitability and purpose.

1) Metal

Metal Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum is one of the best materials used in making modern outdoor furniture, and it is available in an array of both classic and contemporary styles. One main reason you should choose aluminum-framed outdoor furniture is that this material is light in weight and easy to maneuver.

It is resistant to rust and not easily affected by the weather elements. Finishes adhere well to aluminum materials rendering them beautiful and smooth. Besides, there is a broad range of colors to choose from.

Another popular metal material used for outdoor furniture is steel. It is a higher priced and heavier material than aluminum. However, it is durable, easy to clean with little soap and water, however, it should be kept away during the winter season.

2) Resin Weave/ Plastic Furniture

Resin modern outdoor Furniture

This is the latest modern outdoor furniture material that is trending. Furniture made of resin design offers ultimate comfort and warmth. This type of furniture is perfect for setting up formal dining, and you can opt for a set of 4, 6, or 8 depending on the number of people you are hosting.

You can also opt for resin weave sofas sets and loungers as they are more relaxed, weather-resistant, and harder. They can also be used in both cold and hot temperatures.

3) Wood

Wood modern outdoor furniture

Wooden furniture is lovely since they are unique in nature. Wood is strong, durable, and natural in fact; each piece usually has unique coloring and markings. Choose a particular kind of wood that is resistant to weather elements and can withstand year-round outdoor performance.

Furniture Sets

1) Dining Sets

No outdoor furniture space is complete without a dining set. It provides the perfect place to share a meal with family and friends while enjoying the outdoor environment. The best material for your dining set should be weatherproof, both wood and wicker are perfect choices.

However, dining sets made from metal materials give more contemporary looks. The size of your dining table will be dictated by your needs and the number of occupants you intend to accommodate. If you have a large number of people and sufficient space, a 6 to 8 set dining table will be suitable.

2) Conversation Sets

A conversation set is perhaps extra furniture you would love to add to your backyard and creating a living space outdoors. It is the best way to have and enjoy conversation sessions with friends and family while getting back to nature.

Always consider which materials work best for you. You can opt for launch chairs or an outdoor sofa and accessorize with ottomans and footstools for a relaxing mood while having a conversation.

3) Bistro Sets

Bistro sets are furniture suitable for small outdoor spaces such as small gardens or on balconies. It can also be a perfect alternative to a cumbersome outdoor furniture set.

An outdoor bistro typically features a set of two sits with a small table although a set of four chairs is also available. They may be made from materials such as aluminum, steel, or wood.

Chair Styles

Outdoor chairs determine how good you spend your time outdoors, after all, if your seating is uncomfortable, it will render your outdoor furniture less usable. There are various styles of outdoor chairs you can choose from. You can use wooden armchairs with cushions, but ensure the type of wood is weather resistant.

If you are concerned more with your comfort, try Adirondack or cushy lounge chair. If you have enough space, and you need a more classic feel, opt for rocking chairs, gliders, and swings. To cover all your seating bases, you can do a mix of several chair styles.

Cushion And Accessories

To add color, comfort, and style to your outdoor space, cushions and throw pillows are the best add-ons. Modern outdoor furniture can be complemented with cushions or changing the overall looks and appeal without actually having to replace the entire piece. Choose pillows made of weather-resistant materials.

For the comfort and safety of your open space, being able to create a shade or shelter is crucial. Gazebos are the perfect options to escape the hot sunlight of the day while still enjoying the outside environment.

Besides providing you with as a shaded sanctuary, it adds a decorative element to your outdoor space as well. Another option to give shade from the sun is the use of umbrellas; you can also use to add a touch of personality to your space.

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