Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Inspiring Bathroom Decoration Ideas


The bathroom is the smallest room in your house that has different functionalities. It is where you frequent every morning to freshen up and prepare yourself to face a new day. Just like any other space in your home, it should not be neglected but be decorated to give it a sense of style.With achievable bathroom decorating ideas, you can convert your smallest room into the most magnificent peaceful spot in your house. The following are some of the decorating ideas you can use to give your bathroom a facelift.

Use Gilded Interior Fixtures

Gilded Interior For Bathroom Design

To give your bathroom luxurious new looks, use shiny golden fixtures. Opt for gold coated faucets for the sink above your floating vanity as well as on the vanity fixtures. To make it more trendy, place an oval gold spiked mirror above your vintage to compliment the look.

Accessorize With Antiques

Antique Bathroom Design

Antique accessories such as chrome soap holders, brass taps, towel rails or designer showers and fitting can add glamor to your bathroom. The antique bathroom does not only give functionality but also gives it a sense of beauty and tranquility.

Ornate Mirrors

Bathroom Design With Mirror

Apart from serving its core purpose, an ornate mirror will also provide an added touch of elegance. You can hang them above your sink against a backdrop of white or off-white color hues. These mirrors also help to reflect light in your space and creating an illusion of a larger room.

There are a beautiful selection and designs to choose from. Use antique faucets to compliment your ornate mirror.

Clear Glass Shelves

 Glass Shelves For Bathroom Design

The best way to create extra storage space in your bedroom while adding beauty and elegance is to use vertical space, install clear glass shelves. Apart from creating a fabulous look and feel glass shelves are transparent and do not cast shadows. As a result, they allow consistent lighting all around your bathroom while keeping your space looking open. In fact, layered glass shelves are suitable for small bathrooms.

Use Color Display

Bathroom Design Ideas For Display

Use of color display is one of the decorating ideas you can use in your bathroom and maintain a lovely palette. You can add beautifully rolled colored towels to a wall shelf storage unit. Accent any two color schemes of your choice, for example, blue and green with a pop off yet another color.

This design will create a lively mood to your bathroom. For an all neutral bathroom, fresh flowers in a vase on top of the vanity will add a pop of color. It is an easy and inexpensive way of decorating your bathroom.

Showcase Personality

Showcase Personality Bathroom Design

Since this is your space, no conventional way dictates how your bathroom should look like. Use your intuition based on your preferences and personality to come up with decorating ideas that best suits your taste.

For example, you can add personality with an organic light fixture or creative towel hooks that are quirky. You can also decide not to go for the standard towel shelving but opt for a more decorative shelve and rail combo. Such small elements are easy to implement and more often it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

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