best small Bathroom Design Ideas

10 Small Bathroom Ideas You Could Use


Small Bathrooms Design may pose a challenge when it comes to decorating them. However, with modern bathroom design decorating ideas, those little spaces can be converted into functional and storage friendly units.

Before implementing any idea, note that every element used for decorating your small bathroom should be functional and have a purpose. Having considered this in mind, you will be able to create a space-saving sanctuary which is actually what you need. In this article, we will feature ten bathroom decorating ideas.

Drop The Inbuilt Vanities

Vanities For bathroom Design

Since you need to conserve the floor space of your bathroom, do away with inbuilt vanities. They are bulky and not worth occupying much of your limited space. Instead, opt for floating vanities which is a clever way of creating floor space while maintaining the elegant, glamorous and luxurious look of your bathroom.

To emphasize on its sleek appearance, use a contrasting color such as dark wood against a white wall. Place a horizontal mirror above your vanity to compliment it and it will also create a sense of space.

Floating vanities can also be customized to have other accessories such as a towel rack. That will not only add the spacious look you so much desire but also add more functionality.

Try Open Wall Shelves For Storage

Bathroom Wall Shelves

Using open wall shelves for more storage is another modern bathroom design suitable for small bathrooms. Besides adding a functional touch to your open walls, open shelves also serve as storage area leaving your bathroom organized.

In fact, you can use them to store your clean towels, and if stacked perfectly well, they will give your bathroom a hotel-chic look.

Open shelves can also act as décor, using wooden floating shelves is a good decorating idea that will add to the mood of your bathroom. You can also place them below a floating vanity to create more storage space.

Use Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror

Your bathroom is the place you frequent every day, and there are quite some tasks you need to accomplish in this small space. There’s no better way of creating an illusion of a larger space than the use of mirrors.

Besides adding space to your bathroom, using mirrors also reflects light. Mount it in such a position that it makes the most of the light from a window.

You can use a vanity mirror to cover a good part of your bathroom wall or hang in decorative frames to resemble beautiful artwork.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Color Scheme For Bathroom

Depending on your color scheme and how much natural light you want to illuminate your space, choosing a single color makes your bathroom feel significant. Soft-neutral or white color is the best choice for accomplishing this.

These types of colors reflect more light keeping your décor clean and creating a sense of space. It is necessary to note that by using one color doesn’t mean avoiding using hues of one color. A bathroom implementing different shades of one color can accomplish this goal.

Don’t Block Shower From Sight

Shower For Bathroom

Since this is a small bathroom, use of curtains or opaque enclosures will isolate your bathroom visually. One of the suitable decorating ideas is to use glass doors, these are transparent and creates a subtle and visual divider. But if you are more concerned with your privacy, opt for frosted glass that can still create a sense of space while serving your intended purpose.

If you need a sense of space, you can decide to use frameless shower enclosures. That will give a finished look to your bathroom as well as set the tone for your decorative scheme.

Use Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors For Bathroom

For small bathrooms, using conventional hinged doors that swing in takes a lot of unnecessary space. A modern bedroom design employs the use of sliding doors as this will save you a lot of space.

A pocket gate that slides into the wall is one of the best decorating ideas. Since they do not require hinges, they are more appealing since they are hidden in between the wall.

If the idea of a sliding door is not practical for your case, you can try flipping the door to your bathroom so that it swings outwards. Make sure it doesn’t turn towards a heavily trafficked area as this will create an unnecessary obstruction. You can let it swing against a wall.

Larger Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles

When choosing the best tiles for a small bathroom, go for larger tiles with a subtle pattern rather than busy. Such a design creates an illusion of a larger space especially when the floor lines are maintained and not broken.

For a good design, opt for dark colors for your flooring and brighter colors for your walls. Your choice pattern should be subtle and complement your other elements as well as your décor.

Hang The Toilet From The Wall

Bathroom Hang Toilet

Hanging the toilet from the wall is yet another great decorating design that will maximize a small bathroom’s space. The hung toilet exposes more area giving an illusion that the room is much larger than it is.

To complement this design, opt for oversized floor tiles as well as mounting shelves above the toilet.

Use Small Scale Fixtures

Small Scale Fixtures For Bthroom

Using small scale fixtures for your bathroom will save you lots of space while maintaining an elegant look. Nowadays bathroom products of varying types and sizes are being manufactured.

Therefore finding a sink, bathtub or shower enclosures that will fit into your small bathroom is possible. However, if space is limited consider removing some of the fixtures that take much space such as a bathtub. For instance, instead of using a vanity sink, go for a pedestal type.

Ensure to choose your fixtures carefully so as not to overcrowd your small space. You should still have enough room to maneuver around your bathroom comfortably without any obstruction.

Try The Use Oval Mirrors

Bathroom Oval Mirrors

The use of an oval mirror is yet another modern bathroom design decorating idea. Besides an oval mirror being suitable for tall people, they stretch upwards creating an illusion that the ceiling is higher hence creating space. Besides, it can also be used as a decorative element due to its shape.

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