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Here Are Some Approaches To Achieve Energy Efficient Homes

Green Sustainable Design For Energy Efficient Homes

Energy-efficient homes combine a state-of-the-art construction, appliances, and lighting that focuses more on alternative energy utilization and saves you money.

If you are planning to build yourself a new energy-efficient house or you need to remodel the existing one, optimizing your house efficiency requires a whole house evaluation.

Some of the whole house approach consideration to achieve maximum energy efficiency involves the following:

Water Heating

Green Sustainable Design Water Heater

A solar heater is a method of using solar energy from the sun to heat water for use in your household. The system comprises a storage tank and solar collectors for trapping the heat energy from the sun. Since it utilizes a free source of energy that is also renewable, it saves you a lot of money on your water heating bills.

Windows, Doors And Skylights

Green Sustainable Design Windows

When designing your new home and adhering to energy efficiency designs, choose energy efficient windows and doors. This will create a lot of comfort for you as well as reducing your energy bills. To ascertain their efficiency, use energy performance ratings of your doors, windows, and skylights to know their heat gain and loss potential. Skylights help to let more natural light into your space and hence minimizing the use of electrical lights. This will go a long way in conserving energy and the environment.

Home Weatherization

Effective home weatherization such as air sealing, ventilation, and insulation help you save your money by conserving energy. By reducing the amount or air that leaks out of your house is a cost-effective way of saving energy. This will significantly cut the cost of cooling and heating. In energy-efficient homes, ventilation is very important as this ensures quality air indoors. Ventilation also helps to reduce humidity which can cause the growth of molds and compromise the structural element of your house.

Appliances And Home Electronics

Appliances For Green Sustainable Design

Whenever you are buying your household appliances and home electronics, always go for devices that are energy efficient. Ensure that you use them very wisely to save money as well as energy. One of the most efficient methods to conserve energy is to practice switching off any appliance when not in use. You can also opt for energy-saving lights as this reduces your electrical energy consumption and energy bills as well. Traditional Incandescent bulbs consume a lot of power to light because most of the electrical energy is converted into heat.

Apart from the energy-saving bulbs, there are other more lighting systems that are energy efficient you can choose from. The most popular that are in use include compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), halogen incandescent, and light emitting diodes (LEDS). Although their initial costs are high as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, they are long lasting and worth it.

Controlled Air Conditioning

Green/Sustainable Design

There are varieties of air conditioning available for heating and cooling energy-efficient homes.

However, it is important to choose an air conditioning system that automatically regulates itself depending on the set conditions.

For example, an AC with supporting equipment such as a thermostat and ducts gives you an opportunity to save energy as well as money.

The thermostat will automatically control the system when a certain set point is attained.

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