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Outdoor Patio Decorating Ideas For Fall

Fall season consists of special holidays like Halloween at the end of October. Thanksgiving holiday follows on November 22 and then we all switch over to the Christmas season. Fall is also a special season that marks a transition from Summer to different types of vegetation for your outdoor patio decorating ideas.

In America, holidays in fall are unique since they give people the opportunity to celebrate with their relatives in different forms. If you are planning to host guests at your home during the fall, it is important to decorate it so that it looks attractive. The outdoor patio, in particular, is the center of attraction since it is the venue for different occasions at home.

The entrance to your house also reveals a lot about your personality and readiness to host a function. If you are looking to decorate your place in style, then you can use this guide for outdoor patio decorating ideas for this Fall that can bring you joy. It is important to remember that the patio should retain a natural appearance due to its outside location.

Therefore, if you are a starter, some of the ideas in this guide can give you the right direction. It is essential to understand the favorite fall colors as the starting stage in decorating your porch or patio. You should also try to grow plants that are suitable for the fall season and make sure that you take the necessary steps to maintain them.

Manage Plants Around Your Patio

Different plants around your patio significantly help improve its appearance. Flowers for example come in different colors that help to decorate your place so that it looks attractive. Other plants also help to create a natural environment around your home that is refreshing.  Vegetation around the patio together with artificial flowers makes the resting place attractive.

Choose The Right Fall Plants: Border Gardens

Vegetation around your patio makes the place look beautiful, and it retains its natural appearance. There are different types of plants that you can use to decorate your patio. You can also use artificial plants and flowers to decorate the exterior part of your home for fall events.

You can achieve a vibrant garden for autumn through proper planning and research about the appropriate plants for your place. It is also essential to know different types of plants about their growing habits, and you need to follow simple rules for border gardens.

It is essential to make sure that you place tall plants at the back in your garden. The main reason for this is that they will not obscure short plants. It follows the logic that smaller plants go in front while mid-sized plants also go in the middle. With this order, your guests can have a clear vision of the garden, and they can appreciate it in different ways.

Some of the plants in your vibrant bed can include ornamental okra (Abelmoschus esculentus), red leaf tree fern (Blechnum brasiliense ‘crispum’) and Coleus (the front-of-the-border reds). These are easy to maintain, and they come in different colors that make your patio appear bright.

Alternatively, you can also use containers with plants on your patio or porch. You can place the container plants on a high stage close to the walls in your courtyard. The jars with flowers can also give a beautiful appearance when they are hanging from the walls.

Creepers are also suitable for decorating your patio or porch since they follow a natural pattern that is attractive. You can find a place on the porch where you plant the creeper so that it does not distract the movement of people. It is vital to separate climbers from other flowers since they can disturb their growth and create an awkward appearance.

Sweet Potato Vines

Sweet potato vines do very well in other climates, but they are perfect for decorating your patio during fall. These plants work well as groundcovers, or in some instances, you can place them in hanging planters.

During Halloween, Ipomea batata ‘Blackie’ is the most strikingly black and beautiful plant that mixes well with other dark plants. You can also combine this plant with pumpkins, and it helps to present an attractive view. Margarita is another excellent example of sweet potato vine which makes a beautiful contrast with other darker plants.

Other “black” or Goth plants that you can try this fall include Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop,’ Black Elephant’s Ear, Black ‘Bat’ Orchid and Black Mondo Grass. All these plants are dark and beautiful, and they combine well with other plants in your patio.

Source:  Ipomea

A right combination for fall is purple and chartreuse green since these colors produce attractive images. The striking contrast between these two colors makes them very attractive, and many gardeners use them any time of the year. Purple is a rare color on plants, and it is outstanding among other plants consisting of lime or green colors.

Apart from coleus, there are also different types of lime or chartreuse green plants that can help improve the appearance of your patio garden. You may try the following: Sweet potato vine (Ipomea), Cut-leaf elder (Sambucus racemosa ‘Sutherland Gold’), Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia numularia ‘Aurea’), Euphorbia, Sedum makinoi ‘Ogon’ and Heuchera ‘Lime Rickey’ or “Dolce, Key Lime Pie.”

These plants are attractive, and the other important aspect about them is that they are easy to maintain. You only need to ensure that they are in the right place and they do not disturb each other since they have different growth patterns. The plants are all attractive and ideal for decorating your patio during fall.

Cozy Fall Patio

A cozy patio decorated for fall consists of a big fire pit table that has a beautiful glass on top. In case the temperatures drop, the fire from the pit table provides the much-needed warmth while you relax outside. The fire pit table is beautiful, and it serves other decorative purposes apart from providing heat when it is cold.

You can also decorate the couch on the patio with pillows that have matching fall colors. You can select the colors that you love most and use them to decorate your outdoor settees. There is no need for a complete overhaul of the outside order in preparation for fall.

Source: princess home

Just add some pillows with favorite designs and colors. If your patio has a wrought iron settee, then you can choose an olive green color for the cushions. This color provides an in-depth background that matches well with pillows in assorted bright colors. With this kind of decoration, your patio can be an exciting place to relax.

On the front porch, you can display various plants in vases so that you can quickly move them. The wreath consisting of different types of flowers is also ideal for decorating the front porch of the home. Since this is the main entrance, the decorations should be colorful so that they appeal to the interests of the visitors.

A colorfully designed welcome mate contributes to the excellent appearance of your porch. On the sides of the entrance, you can also place orange pumpkins and other beautifully designed ornaments. It is also essential to put a stand holding an assortment of flowers by the opening of your house.

Exterior Décor For Fall

You can consider growing plants like ornamental and native grasses since they can thrive in the fall. Rooted purple plants are also useful for decorating your garden during fall since they help to create a broad and attractive background. The ideal places for growing these plants include beautiful containers or vases as well as garden beds.

fall outdoor decorating ideas

Ornamental grass and bright yellow pumpkins combine very well, and they produce a striking scene. However, you should always remember to trim ornamental grasses since they tend to grow out of control if you do not pay attention to them. You should ensure that these species do not mix with other plants since this can lead to problems.

The other important aspect about ornamental grasses is that they are drought resistant and they can grow even with little attention. Fall is their growing season, and they are at their best if you give them due attention through proper maintenance.

Gourds and Squash

Gourds and squash are original farm produce from your harvest that you can use for decoration of your patio. You can celebrate your harvest in style by displaying part of the bounty on the patio table. The items remain edible under different conditions outside.

The gourds, for example, can decorate your patio for an extended period and they do well outside. Squash is also beautiful outside the house, and these products give your patio a natural feel since they are original.  You do not necessarily spend money on decorating your patio when you use products from your garden.outdoor decorating ideas

Put Some Water Features At Your Patio

An outdoor water fountain significantly improves the appearance of the patio. There are different types of water systems for patios characterized by running water that produces attractive showers. The system usually connects to a water source via a hose, and you can choose a strategic place to put it around your patio.

If there is a pond around the patio, make sure the water is sparkling clean together with the outside surfaces. A swimming pool with lovely decorations dramatically improves the appearance of the place. The bright blue water in the pool also appeals to the visual senses of the guests while they are relaxing outside.

Apart from making the patio attractive, water features around the courtyard also create a cooling effect outside. The running water in the system promotes the process of evaporation, and this helps to create a refreshing atmosphere around the patio. When the temperature is warm, the cooling system from the running water can make your guests comfortable.

On the sidewalks, you should also make sure that the lawn is well manicured to improve the appearance of the place. Your visitors can also find comfort from relaxing on the fresh grass. The greenery environment around your pouch is significant in that it is so refreshing.

Paint The Floors

Designing your outdoor space can be simple if you know what you want to achieve at a specific period. Many patios consist of concrete floors, and these are usually permanent features. Other terraces have hard wooden floors that generally match with the furniture around. However, you can still improve the appearance of the patio floors during this fall.

Depending on the pattern of your floor pavers, you can use whitewash paint to design models you want. In the case of wooden floors, you can apply dark varnish that corresponds with the quality of furniture that is in your patio. You can also try to find furniture with the same color that matches the floors to create a lasting impression on your visitors.

If you feel that you cannot paint the floors, you can put deep carpets in your patio. It is crucial that you choose a carpet or floor mates with corresponding colors with other pieces of furniture around. The additional advantage of using a carpet is that it adds comfort to your guest should they wish to walk on bare feet.

Fall marks a transition of different things such as the turning of colors of leaves. Fall also announces the arrival of special occasions like Halloween and Thanksgiving in America. To keep pace with these changes, you should also decorate your porch or patio to suit the mood.

If you want to host a successful party with friends and relatives, you should get suitable fall decorations for the patio. Festivals and parties at home blend very well with beautiful decorations since they make the place attractive.

Decorating the patio does not necessarily mean that you should change the whole setup. You only need to add some symbols that are familiar in the season like pumpkins, fall-blooming flowers, as well as black plants. Other features that you can consider include gourds, ornamental grasses, Halloween props, and succulents since they are common in the fall.

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