Use the Best Bathroom Faucets In Your Remodel Project

We must all agree that taps are among the most used fixtures in our houses, we likely turn them off and on countless times in a day. However only when they need a replacement or if we are thinking to update our bathroom or toilet areas, do we really begin to understand how significant they are. To some, it’s only a fixture which allows water to flow with a simple push or a turn, but for many other people, it plays a central role in the aesthetics of the sink area.

You’ll receive taps of all models with costs changing tremendously yet what makes a faucet different from the other you may ask? Well, in this guide we’ll go over the critical points to take into account while deciding on the best one for your toilet. Don’t feel a polished finish or a fashionable curve will lead to terrible quality. You want to dig into quite a lot of information before searching for the faucet that will actually durable, easy to install and use, and enhance the visual of the sink area.

You want to have a fantastic look at your sink and its environment to be sure that the faucet fits just right and compliments the remaining fixtures in your bathroom. With this guide, you can explore the choices on the marketplace now and learn a little more about them before buying them.  So let us start this step by step list on the best bathroom faucets.

Faucet Brand Names To Research

If you want the least expensive option, then we highly recommend either the Peerless or the American Standard. They are both in the affordable end of the spectrum.

The Peerless is the best you can do on the cheap. It is our choice for the individuals that only need to get the work done, without straining the pocketbook. It is better built than other chrome models and is easy to install. We also appreciate that it is budget-priced.

The American Standard is the most affordable all-metal option. We would recommend it to all but the most cash-strapped buyers, as it will last more than any chrome plastic version (even the Peerless). It is stable, reliable, and affordable–if not horribly decorative.

If you can manage to invest a little more, you’ll have the ability to find something with a little more style and finesse. In the mid-range, we strongly suggest Delta Ara and the Pfizer. They are both very unique, unconventional taps with the excellent build quality and all of the fundamental requirements to get an attractive fixture. They are handy, ADA-compliant,  reasonably priced, and simple to install.

For something a bit more traditional, we advocate the Moen Eva. It’s solidly constructed like the Pfizer and Delta but has an elegant, swooping design that makes it match a broader range of decor. This one also has more options for finishes compared to other two midrange options.

At the top of the quality spectrum, we have suggested the Moen Wynford. Moen is more tasteful than our other recommendations, but it is just as sturdy and reliable. It is a two-handle layout, for perfect control over pressure and temperature. This style is going to fit most traditional decoration, and we love that they adjust the grips to whatever width works best for your sink.

While most of our recommendations have just one or two finish options, this one has lots of colors and finishes to choose from. And while our more economical recommendations are covered by lifetime guarantees, this is a fact you won’t need to go through the bother of having replaced (even if it’s free).

Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

Now that you have knowledge about some best taps available let’s scroll through some pointers about how best to purchase the best bathroom faucets for your residence. We’ll be taking a look at different faucet finishes (quality), mounting types, setup, styles, and upkeep. We hope at the end of the article you’ll have the ability to differentiate and compare each item and have a better perspective on what to get while styling or remodeling up your toilet.

Bathroom Faucets Mounting Types

There are three basic faucet mounting types; widespread, two-handle center-set and single-handle center-set.  If your sink has just one mounting hole, it will more suitable to put in a two-handle or single-handle center-set faucet than a prevalent model which requires two extra holes.


best bathroom faucets


A widespread faucet gets the spout, cold water apparatus, and hot water apparatus all fixed individually on the countertop, with spacing ranging from 6 to 16 inches between the grips.  These kinds appear classy and tend to get a more ‘expensive’ appearance.

Some even say they are easier to clean since they’re mounted separately, but effortless cleaning and keeping a faucet merely depends upon its design and finishing, which can be accomplished from center-set faucet too.

Two-Handle Center-Set

A two-handle center-set faucet has its spout and both hot and cold water valves combined on a single base.  This is a fantastic kind if you would like separate handles, but your sink has just one mounting hole.

Single-Handle Center-Set

A single-handle center-set faucet has a single knob or lever controlling the hot and cold water stream, this knob or lever might be a portion of the spout. This sort of faucet is ideal if you’ve got a small sink and want something compact in size which won’t occupy much space.

Faucet Finishes

The end of your faucet plays an essential part in its durability, maintenance, and cleaning. Best bathroom Faucets with high-quality finishes are more likely to survive and never get damaged easily by routine usage. You must match your faucet up to the shade and finish with the remaining fixtures in your bathroom so that nothing appears odd. Start looking for spot-resistant finishes creating cleaning trouble-free. Some of the choices are:

  • Brass (antique or polished)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Chrome (matte, polished or brushed )
  • Copper
  • Nickel (pearl and brushed )

Stainless steel and Chrome finishes are usually preferred, even though the oil rubbed bronze may add a contemporary and chic look to your sink. Another elegant and exceptional finish is that the polished brass. This looks exceptionally good when you’ve got a large bathroom and need to decorate it elegantly.

Extra Tip

You can try out and add your design ideas to the bathroom by mixing fixture finishes. If you currently have brass fittings and only need to replace or update your faucet, then you may decide on a chrome-and-brass combination. But never combine polished, matte or classic looks as that will just give your bathroom an ‘unplanned’ look.


Faucets are used regularly, every day for years in the end, so it is essential to pick a tap that’s just not nice looking. Using a quality faucet, you’ll observe a smooth transition as you switch from cold to warm water, thus avoiding burns and giving you the ideal temperature. This is particularly critical for the safety of children. Best bathroom faucets may also reduce water consumption without altering its flow efficiency.


If you’re planning to install your new faucet then its best to confirm the sink to see what type of fitting it was designed for. Alterations can be made but will just need additional work and time. If your sink has only one mounting hole then it’s best, you stick to single or two-handle center-sets for fast installation.

If your eyes are set on a design that needs more mounting holes then do not despair, you can still have it on your toilet however you’ll just need to drill holes through your marble or iron cast sink that can be a challenging procedure.


Best Bathroom Faucets

The depth of a sink may also make things complicated, in which case you may need additional nut extenders to make it to the water supply line. Carefully read about the prerequisites of any product before you opt to order so you don’t wind up with a product which can’t be mounted onto your countertop.

Second, you must always pick a faucet that includes easy installation instructions.  Most faucets do not require high skills to set up, and you can do it yourself, but it’s still an excellent approach to choose one that is exceptionally easy because if you cannot do it yourself, then you’ll have to hire expert help which will cost you unnecessary money.

Another thing to remember is that taps which are simple to set up are often easy to fix too if you happen to detect any faults during its usage. So in a nutshell, picking a faucet with simple installation is a wise thing to do.

Design and style

The first thing we notice about any toilet fixture is its design. Even people with no expertise in the make or model of a faucet will appreciate a stylish looking one. As stated many times already in this guide, the tap is the centerpiece of your sink area, or it boosts the beauty of your toilet, so it’s just natural that it must bring in a few glances. We have three original designs classes that pretty much cover the fashions faucets come in nowadays. They’re the Classic, Modern and Fusion designs. The kind you decide on must count on the inside of your bathroom.

  • Classical Design – If your house is built in a more conventional layout or has interiors that give out a more timeless aura, then possibilities are that your toilet is set up in precisely the identical manner. Old style homes are highly considered as fancy, and their bathrooms are often well decorated, mostly with antique tiles and decorative mirrors. The standard faucet fit directly into these bathrooms. The bits used many years ago mainly consisted of only one handle, but you can get many conventional looking taps with two handles if that is what you prefer. Even though these best bathroom faucets seem traditional, they’re still assembled using modern technology so that you won’t need to think about their efficiency. They may appear old fashioned, but they work exactly like contemporary faucets.
  • Modern Design – The most common design made for the contemporary homes of today. These faucets are trendy and very modern looking. They match perfectly into contemporary sinks and give your bathroom a chic look. They often do not come around as daring or elaborate, but they are sometimes labeled as trendy. Based upon the size of your sink, you may either receive a two-handle or single piece the best bathroom faucets, just bear in mind that it matches the entire bathroom decor.
  • Fusion Design – These types of taps go with about anything. They can be found in all kinds of finishes and can be installed in bathrooms with both traditional and contemporary interiors. If you prefer to mix and match, then you can opt for the fusion designs since they blend in well with all types of other bathroom fixtures while using their own charm. Should you ever plan to modify or renovate your bathroom interior, then you won’t need to worry about replacing your faucet since regardless of what appearance your new bathroom will have, the fusion designed tap will fit right into it.

High Arc or Low Arc

Another thing to consider here is the elevation of your faucet. Faucets with high arcs compliment some sinks quite well while some sinks look better with shorter faucets. Besides looks, it’s also a matter of comfort and convenience. Although taps with high arcs look better with ‘swan’ like necks, they could get in the way when washing your face or when you’re lowering yourself to brush your teeth. Likewise, best bathroom faucets with low arcs might not provide much space when washing your hands. This truly is determined by one’s taste and cannot be judged.


It’s not easy to keep a faucet dry at all times, visitors and kids will rush in and out of baths and not really pay much attention to keeping the ideal bathroom taps clean or wiping it dry after use. It’ll be your responsibility to keep it clean and in good shape. Regular maintenance will surely keep your face appearing new but picking the right finish will do half of the job for you. Some endings are great at keeping your faucet looking pristine even after daily use, though some display the water stains quite clearly, which makes your new faucet lose its allure in a couple of days. Opt for those endings that don’t require regular cleaning so your toilet can always look pretty and clean.

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