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What New This Year For Remodeling Your Bathroom

You heard it 2019 trends are finally here! Get the inside scoop on the most current styles in the business and find some inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling job! From showers and bathtubs to vanities and sinks, we have you covered. The most recent textures, patterns, prints, finishes, and styles of all types are here for the next year.

This round-up comprises the hottest designs that could give you the ideal sort of inspiration you did not even know you wanted. Whether you’re constructing a new home or seeking for a renovation, the listing is guaranteed to spark remarkable creativity. From chic and contemporary to industrial and classic, whatever your own personal style might be, 2019 is the year for the bathroom remodeling.

1. Black Is The Grey

Grey may have been one of the trendy fashions in 2016 and 2017 bathroom remodeling jobs, however, that is about to change. We’re going on bolder, darker styles this year.

Grey is excellent, but black is better! We saw a lot of grey bathrooms last year but hope to see a rise in black bathrooms. This trend is the most popular in lighting fixtures, vanities, mirrors, and other fittings -, particularly with matte finishes!

Since some homeowners might be unwilling when it comes to incorporating these darker tones to their houses, they may continue to be a top pick for those seeking to stray away from a traditional white or neutral color, but are not quite ready for the boldness of black.

2. Bathrooms Of The Future

This year the entire bathroom is getting a high tech update. The bathrooms in the last few years saw things like adjustable air conditioners, automatic lid openers, seat warmers,  built-in deodorizers, and much more.

If you were impressed with this technology, just wait until you hear about the rest of the toilet. In 2019, bathrooms will see mini-fridges, smart showers, and automatic sinks.

Another more common trend is your built-in blue tooth speaker program. You can now easily jam out or end up with the sounds of your shower.

Voice-activated features for light and temperature, smart mirrors which speak to you, and increased TV installations are simply a couple of the other exciting trends we have seen, but the possibilities are infinite. Modern-day baths are converting into personalized day spas, and such technologies create the experience more relaxing and more comfortable than ever before.

3. Brass & Gold With A Classic Comeback

Gold fixtures are back again and better than ever! Shades of gold and brass are carrying over sinks, bathrooms, and basically everything and anything in your bathroom this year. Eradicate the memories of your grandparent’s bathroom brass faucet, since this beautiful new warm toned gold plumbing accessories will become your new go-to, adding just the perfect amount of depth, dimension, and luxury feels to any area.

Homeowners love the shift to warmer accents with the gold/brass toned bathroom fittings versus the standard sparkling impeccable chrome, which conveys a modern, cool,  and glossy feel. Launched in new finish options such as in matte, satin, and spun gold, this long shift is precisely what was required to include that timeless standard component to any space. With the combined bonus of keeping fingerprints and water spots hidden.

This warmer tone has been the accent bits of space, with complementing the hardware, light fixtures, and also mirrors.

Look around, and you will discover more gold-tone things than you think. The main reason for the comeback–it just looks great in a lot of different style settings.

4. Industrial Styled Vanities & Sinks

While not everyone may not like this style, it is very current, and you should expect to see a rise in popularity for this sort of design with the forthcoming year! With all the metallic finish possibilities, wooden accents, and fantastic tile designs, it only makes sense that the industrial vanity is in.

Its sleek and contemporary look fits in perfectly, with this edgy, yet classy remodeling fashion. Industrial sinks can be paired with a pop of colors, brass or gold accents, matte black fittings, and striking tile designs to modernize the appearance even more.

Industrial vanities are a terrific style for smaller homes or your hall bath. This urbanized and trendy style is guaranteed to make an impression in 2019, so don’t miss out!

5. Tile Patterns & Shapes That You Will Love

We’ve already seen how technology is allowing producers to create several designs using basic tiles, but now they’re going beyond the colors and graphics to modify the conventional tile form into something more interesting.

We’re noticing a resurgence of the once-loved tiles of decades ago, plus a couple of new designs. No longer are we satisfied with only a subway tile or a large format tile on the wall?

We’ve got a lot of tile shapes to choose from once more. So, start looking for improved and new Moroccan fish scales,  diamond, arabesque, hexagon, or chevron patterns in fresh colors & textures. These eye-catching patterns won’t only grace the floor; they will also be utilized as bath backsplashes, on shower surfaces, and perhaps ceiling accents to make the bold accents we desire.

If you’re looking for a safe way of livening up your bathroom, this is among the best trends to test out in 2019.

6. Wood Accents Are Back & Trendier Than Ever

As mentioned early in this post, gray is slowly making its way out of home renovation trends. With this comes the arrival of warmer tones and accents – especially wooden ones! Several shades of timber can complement the blue, white, green, and darker colored bathroom.

Almost anywhere! Wood accents pair well with classic and industrial trends, so it is not surprising that they are popping up repeatedly. This look appends a classically traditional style to you otherwise trendy and contemporary bathroom. We are seeing it in unique styles too!

7. Small Storage Spaces For All You Neat Freaks

Sick of over cramped, cluttered cabinet spaces? So are we.

2019 Bathrooms will display more straightforward ways of life as they minimize thing storage and the space needed. Compacted cabinets, shelves,  storage areas, etc. will be displayed in an uncomplicated manner that supports minimalist customs. This lifestyle is thought to help relieve stress and keep you are organized.

Even if your other rooms are less minimal, the bathroom is a comforting sanctuary, and compact storage may efficiently provide just that. Modern wall shelving, hidden cabinets, and vanity beneath space storage will seem less cluttered, letting the whole bathroom to feel more spacious and coordinated.

8. Pops Of Color To Spice Up Your Life

As we proceed to stray farther and further from grey tones, we hope to observe an increase of vibrant accents, fixtures, and accessories in bathrooms. These pops of color pair well with a neutral color, either dark or light! You might have heard of blue or green kitchens getting more popular, and while this is true, expect to see those colors in forthcoming 2019 bathroom remodels.

The particular color selected can be used to set many moods. By way of instance, pops of blue in houses is supposed to improve relaxation levels. On the other hand, green attract feelings of wellness and nature. Different colors might even enhance your mood and imagination levels. This is a pleasant way to add a special touch to your otherwise blah bathroom!

9. Pretty In Pink

When it comes to color choices for 2019 design trends, there is some we favor in pop, and then there is some we want all over. Colors of blush will remain to prevail in 2019 bathrooms trends.

Blush is one of the most prevalent wall color choices for contemporary bathroom walls. Another striking trend that is not quite there yet but gradually beginning to show itself is rose gold.

This shade will soon not only be for your newest iPhone, but also for faucets, drawer pulls, as well as bathtubs. Keep your eyes uncovered, we hope to see this become very trendy in the upcoming few years. Till then, enjoy blush!

10. Get Comfy! Open Showers & Big Bathtubs

As the bathroom alterations, the feasibilities for extension and more space come to mind. In actuality, the aim of getting more space is the number one reason why homeowners decide to remodel.

This includes the bathrooms too! With compact storage choices, you give yourself more space to expand on the shower or toilet.

Big Bathtubs

The bigger the bathtub, the more relaxation, and space will be available to you. Homeowners need a place to relax after a long hectic day, and what a more desirable place to do this than their own bathrooms? While Jacuzzi styled bathtubs are not always as prevalent as they used to be, we are seeing a shift in tastes to other big tub styles.

Open Showers

Open showers seem to visually expand the size of your bathroom, while also giving it more room and providing comfort for users. Prolonged gone are the days of bothering about slipping over the edge of the bathtub as you’re seeking to get out and dry off. Though some may find this design has a lack of privacy, others like the available openness and increased shower area.

11. Advanced & Asymmetrical Mirrors

Asymmetrical mirrors are here and more reliable than ever. Distinctive and geometric mirror contours are the entire buzz, but that’s not all! Mirrors, the same as the rest of the bathroom are growing smarter.

Mirrors may have smart touch finishes,  anti-fog technologies, USB charging stations, and just about anything else you can think. The trend of plated mirrors is gone for long.

With shaped frame choices taking over, you can get as creative as you possibly can when it comes to picking out the specific style. And we haven’t forgotten about the most crucial detail of bathroom mirrors- lighting. It is all about light.

Getting ready on your sleek and trendy bathroom would mean nothing if you did not come out looking flawless, right?! While all of us love the notion of fun gadgets and shapes, functionality is on top of the list.

That is why we are seeing modern backlit mirrors, as well as the front lights, rising in popularity. Backlit mirrors are a more subtle choice which will allow for optimum lighting. Lights at the head resemble more creativity but might distract from an asymmetrical mirror pattern.

12.  Underfloor Heating Systems

If you purchased a pair of slippers merely to escape the chilly sensation on the bottom of your feet while walking around your bathroom floor; then it may be an excellent investment for you to consider including a heating system beneath your floor. If the temperatures outside are falling –your desire could become a fact.

Underfloor warming can be practiced with several flooring options like vinyl,  concrete, tile, and wood, to name a few. But in a bathroom, the cold tile may transform into a gorgeous soothing warm floor.

Heating systems not only provide warmth, but they can also reduce noise levels and potential allergic reactions, as no air currents are disturbing the dust.  New and more technology is being included in bathrooms, which means more small appliances are staying incorporated.

As an example, some luxury bathroom designs today feature a drink center or under-counter refrigerators close to the makeup area or dressing table for your medications or organic facial treatments. Or you might get some home bathroom designs including heating drawers for robes & linens.

Apart from the standard dryers in the cosmetics area, you might also have wireless audio systems, TV’s, cooling or heating systems, etc.  The bathroom was the place where electrical appliances were a no-no.

It can challenge the kitchen in the number of contraptions and the quantity of technician in it. This trend will remain in 2019, especially in master bathroom layouts.

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