Extend Your Outdoor Living into the Winter Season

Expanding Your Outdoor Living Spaces To Enjoy In Winter

Many Americans are worn out by the neverending pandemic, especially as the days of distanced get-togethers in the warmth of sunlight are dwindling for outdoor living. For the last six months, outside living — and entertaining — have been a lifeline of sorts, offering some small semblance of normalcy as the coronavirus proceeds to upend our lives.

September’s sudden cold snap had children taking out sweatshirts so that they could continue studying on the balcony. Invites for garden meetups turned BYOB (Bring Your Blanket), and steaming soup mugs replaced cold IPAs. Firewood and fire pits are hot items as we search for ways to create warmer patios and decks on cooler nights.

With covid-19 and the influenza season, families must stay vigilant. Along with wearing masks and remaining six feet apart, present Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines say that activities are safer if they’re held in outdoor areas. Indoor areas with less ventilation where it may be more difficult to keep people apart are not the best environment.

To relax outside during the cooler months, you are going to need a little bit of inspiration. Do not worry; a little update, such as incorporating seasonal colors, makes a strong statement with little commitment or money. But to go large, a few luxury upgrades below will make neighbors jealous!

What can you do? Make it a bit nicer, so it is going to feel more comfortable? A small outdoor structure, including a cedar gazebo, is a wonderful addition and offers some additional cover when it drizzles.

You can sit on a screened or front porch if it is raining or even snowing in the event you have enough layers on. It a “safer area” than the living room for three teenaged children to have friends over to study.

Even if you don’t have a porch, there are several ways to get your garden to feel more welcoming during warmer weather. Begin with freshening up faded cushions and bringing in new fall colors and textures. Summer was about vibrant, citrus colors, but you consider rich, warm colors like earthy reds, yellows, and others for autumn.

It is a simple task to switch out your fabrics and do more layering outside in the very same colors happening in nature—kilim-style cushions and throws in those autumnal colors into the tiny fenced-in backyard. Create areas for lounging and grilling and a small garden. It’s a luxury to spend as much time outdoors and have kids play outdoors.

A spiffed-up outdoor space that works well can make the falling temperatures somewhat easier to bear. Here are a few more thoughts on how to do that:

Zone Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether the Living spaces, outdoor or indoor, the trick to any layout is having defined regions. The best way to specify your outdoor living space is with furniture.

Uses benches to set the seating area and separate it from other regions of your backyard. Pergolas, long planters, and area rugs will also divide spaces.

Don’t forget to leave room for paths. Mark the areas with the most visitors and put runners. Arrange the chairs and other regions around the marked pathways.

Your outdoor spaces will gain from being organized with such easy access to them.

Use A Variety of Seating Options

Outdoor spaces should include many different seating options for relaxation and entertainment possibilities. Have many different chairs, seats, stools, and lounges for people to sit.

Hammocks are fantastic for lazing about through beautiful sunny days. Or, you can relax on a bench swing with your favorite book. A dining table or bar with stools offers an ideal area for working on projects in the home.

For smaller backyards, start looking for benches and seats that could double as cabinets for garden tools or additional planters. You may even use your chairs as storage!

Have Focal Points

Another tip for enhancing your backyard living space would be to center the design on one particular item. The thing can be a sofa, a bit of art, a gorgeous dining table, an area rug, and much more.

When you know what item you wish to be the center of attention in your garden, select pieces with complementing colors highlighting the chosen item. These complementing items will encourage and draw the eye to the focal point.

Another option is to select pieces that contrast with the focus of your design. We recommend picking items that are not to draw too much attention.

Choosing a contrasting theme works great if your focal point is something bright and incredibly eye-catching. Large items like a pool may also focus on your design if accompanying bits are organized around it properly.


Earlier sunsets have us scrambling for candles and lanterns, whether actual or battery-operated. People usually over-light outdoor dinners, robbing them of a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t need that much light, as people forget how much light bleeds from the inside rooms near you.

If you would like to go fancier, change to LED lights, it has never been easier to include an outdoor lighting system. A much simpler option: Try flashing outdoor string lights to bring a little bit of magic.


Swapping out cushion covers will make your outdoor area look fresh. No need to purchase new pillows; find something which suits the inserts you have. The appearance of print pillows in different sizes layered on a couch or chair with neutral upholstery.

Outdoor curtains are part of the autumn outdoor appearance and help foster a comfy interior area. They could make a shelter from a next-door unit for a balcony, and they cut down the breeze. Indoor/outdoor fabrics designed to be water repellent is your very best choice, such as Sunbrella. Like those that might be designated for awnings or marine applications, a heavier-weight fabric could be a great choice to keep outdoor drapes anchored down.

And a waterproof rug can dress up the room, anchoring your seats and adding texture and color.

Wall Decor

Another excellent tip is to use the walls of your outdoor area also. Plain walls are dull, though you can always liven them up with wall pictures, containers, and signs.

Attach string lights along your walls to add air during the evening. If your backyard area has an outside bar, try searching for a sign appropriate for that region. A fun sign will add a little whimsy.

Adding accents to your walls are also a wonderful way to break up long stretches of nothing, particularly if the rest of the area has been spruced up.


You’ve put time and effort into making your outdoor living area, so who wants to leave it just because temperatures are falling? You don’t need to. Whether you choose a propane patio heater or a wood-burning fire pit, you can extend your enjoyment of the outdoors well into autumn and even winter. Here are some tips which may be useful, based upon your unique space.

Round up extra quilts and blankets from the linen closet and attic and put them within easy reach of your outside space. If you purchase new throws, be sure they’re warm and can be machine washed. As soon as you’ve got your blanket stash, a huge basket would be ideal for storing them.

Fire pits — both gas and wood-burning — and chimineas are in good demand. We hear firepit sales are up more than 20 percent over last year — and a few are on backorder. Whether round, square, or rectangular, the fire pits can seat more people comfortably around them than a built-in outside fireplace.

A lot of people like firepits because they bring heat and light. There are several choices, and some are gas or propane and have a glass panel that keeps you away from the flames.

Wood-Burning Fire Pit

If your outdoor area features a fire-proof base, such as concrete, rock, brick, etc., this sort of fire pit might be a fantastic choice for you. A wood fire offers warmth and a means to prepare a few favorite camping treats…sores, anyone?

Gas Patio Heaters

These come in various styles and sizes and use either natural gas or propane gas for fuel. Pick a wall-mountable unit, tower design, or fire pit to best fit your area.

Electric Heaters

Suppose your outdoor living space is situated where you have the benefit of a power socket. In that case, this is a fantastic option to maintain your patio or deck comfy while appreciating the beauty of fall.

Extra Private Space

How about a small home office on your lawn? Some people have been constructing small exterior structures with plenty of windows and heating and AC. Many people realize they will not return to their workplaces, so they’re creating a quiet place to work away from the main property.

Bringing the Kitchen Outdoors

Ok, we do not want the entire kitchen out there. However, a way to keep beverages cold, in addition to cooking up some delicious meals, are must-haves.

The terrific grill Debate will be left to others to decide, but you have many choices when it comes to cooking outside. So, while it is a hibachi for the largest ceramic smoker or gas grill you may find, cooking out helps divide the in-home routine.

As far as keeping beverages cold, there are many options to meet your beverage type of stock. And combination wine & drink coolers can serve several. Many of them include locking doors to secure your beverages from intrusion.

Beverage Coolers: Keep just about any beverage cold with an outdoor-rated drink cooler. You will have juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, beer, and more close to hand.

Wine Coolers: For the wine lover, precisely chills reds and whites equally with a wine cooler that is outdoor approved.

Kegerators: Nothing beats a cold beer on a hot day for many people–particularly when you are enjoying the outdoors. A kegerator produces pub-style beer to quench your summer thirst.

Another option is to transform your bar area or a rolling cart into a hot chocolate bar: Use the side burner in your grill to warm up the cocoa and have bowls of toppings such as marshmallows cinnamon sticks nearby. Your winter bar may also serve up hot apple cider or other festive drinks. An old wicker dresser can save supplies between parties.

Luxury Updates

If there was ever a time to justify an outdoor television or spa, it just could be through a pandemic! Take these things off your wish list and add one (or both!) to your recently renovated outdoor area. These projects are not for the casual house project supervisor. You will need to talk to professionals about everything from price to safety requirements. Be aware, very similar to deck materials, and these outside luxuries are snapped up over the pandemic. It may require some patience to schedule delivery or installation.

A couple of bistro Tables over one big table to permit social distancing and make a cafe-like vibe.

Rooftop Retreat

A city rooftop backyard is for pollinators and individuals. It’s an actual living space where you can watch sunrises or see the sunset. An individual can eat meals and drink beverages. Or sit and read. You may listen to music. You can amuse yourself with social space with up to four individuals on the 12 feet by 20 feet area.

Before COVID-19, such outdoor spaces were an afterthought. An individual can add a rug and dining table and the chairs and fire table organized under a pergola.

Don’t dread the change of season! Embrace the change and benefit from the new opportunities to remain at home.

People realize that to become sociable, home is the safest place to be right now. Later on, homeowners will place more renovation cash toward often-neglected outdoor spaces. It’s an excellent idea to find a location in your house where you can be at peace in a time like this.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a huge backyard or an apartment balcony, then you can fix it up to be a welcoming outdoor area where you can relax away from at-home work, college, or job-hunting. When coming up with layouts for outdoor living spaces, the best thing to remember is a pleasure.

Your outdoor area should bring joy to you and nobody else. Finally, it doesn’t matter if what you want does not match up with the year’s outdoor style trends.

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