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Welcome to Wax Ecstatic! Home Design

Wax Ecstatic reveals various ways to decorate your home, including special ideas for Bedroom Design, Bathroom Design, Living Spaces, Outdoor Living and Green/Sustainable Designs.

Bathroom Design

The site provides a number of interesting and unique Bathroom Design options and ways to implement them for your home, by using:

  • various architectural elements and decor ideas that incorporate modern design elements
  • different colors and artwork that provide your bedroom a unique and different look.
  • recessed lights, glass and natural light to bring bright colors to your bedroom which enhances style.

Our bathroom design ideas run the gamut, from using gilded interior fixtures, accessorizing your bathroom with antiques, using various types of accessories for decorating your bathroom, choosing colors suitable for different types of bathrooms and various furniture options for your bathroom.

Living Spaces / Outdoor Living

Living Spaces and Outdoor living are the most often used space in our home, but most often neglected when it comes to style and design. That’s why we offer options to spruce-up the look of your outdoor living spaces.

We strive to cover the whole of the home in our articles, so that you can decorate and organize your home well and make it look beautiful.